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Henry Vera - Biography

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Biography En Espanol

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A polished Master at his craft; Henry Vera is a singer, songwriter, producer and composer whose early influences in music stemmed from his Peruvian heritage. The sounds and styles from Andean, Spanish, and African origins injected themselves into his soul and have become a permanent fixture into his life.At the tender age of 13, he started his career as a “Chorista” (Hype-Man) for the well known Peruvian band, “Orquesta Diversa” Del Cercado de Lima.

It was of course not a surprise that as he evolved musically, he found himself drawn to the melodies and rhythms of the Caribbean sound.

Upon turning 14 years of age, Henry Vera found himself away from his homeland; at high school in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Upon finishing his scholastic obligations he promptly caught a plane and moved to Hollywood, California in the U.S. Alone in a country with no family, and no friends, Henry Vera set out to make his mark with music and life.

Quoted as saying, “Music is a passionate story that explores the details of the history behind the situations we go through in Life;” Henry Vera is no stranger to fully bearing his soul in his performances.

Becoming a fixture in the L.A. latin music community opened up Henry’s talents to many affluent people in the industry. At 19 he was a member of the “Orquesta Macondo,” and their performance of cover songs throughout the Latin American community of Southern California drew a lot of attention to his musical prowess.

An incredible soccer player who played for a Semi-Pro Los Angeles team at one point, Vera’s drive for success and competition goes way past what he lives and breathes… Music

Henry Vera and Bob JonesWith the urging of The Late “Bob Jones”, long time publicist of the Late, Great Michael Jackson; Henry moved to the South Florida area of Miami in pursuit of his destiny.

Henry Vera started a Construction, remodeling and maintenance cleaning service company in 2004 called, “VeraCastell Services.” While his passion and his drive is firmly behind his music career, he refuse to let anyone dictate his financial status while en route to his dream.

With a International clothing line be the name of, “Henry Vera inc.” he is poised to stake his claim in the competitive fashion industry as well.
With a Latin Pop/Tropical/Urban musical style influenced by “Celia Cruz”, “Hector Lavoe”, and “Juan Luis Guerra”, Henry Vera also plays the congas and the guitar.

Throughout Henry Vera’s career he has consistently raised the bar with every collaboration in the music industry.

Henry Vera got his big break when he worked with Latin American artist/director Papi Sanchez. Recently they collaborated and produced the video to his latest hit single, “Baby Llama.” This sultry tune reached top 40s in the Latin Charts US Billboard. His followup single, “Noche de Copas” is a remake of the 80’s hit by Maria Conchita Alonzo converted to bachate. Mr. Vera is gunning for the top.Henry-Vera-BIO

Collaborating with established entertainment figures like, Tony “TC” Castillo, Ricardo Pons, and Orlando Calzada (Team Red One Productions); Henry Vera has started a buzz about him that is undeniably getting louder by the day.

A guest artist on numerous Latin American shows and venues across the world, Henry Vera recently completed a promotional tour in Dominican Republic, and is promoting at the moment in the United States.
This extremely gifted artist has been featured in various Latin American and Dominican Republic publications. Some of them include Variedades, Envio Diario Dominicano, Impacto Magazine from NY, 7 Dias, Great Day SA, Tejano Y Mas, El Informado, El Nacional, Analitica, and El Caribe.

Henry Vera has developed quite the devout following from his numerous live appearances such as Carnaval De Centro America y Mexico, Carnaval Miami Calle 8.

Vera was in the studio with critically acclaimed Sound Engineer “Orlando Calzada,” (whose work with Prince Royce), has garnered numerous Latin Grammy and Billboard Music Award nominations and finalizing his album “El Artista” with critically acclaimed multi Grammy winner “Felipe Tichauer” who won a Grammy with Christina Aguilera.

Henry Vera’s Album was released on September 17, 2015, titled “El Artista” (The Artist) and Henry is currently working on his newest music video for his current single “ Otra Copa”, with Miami Director Robert Barrera who has worked with music artists Arcangel, Fulanito, Baby Boy and Alex Sanin.

Henry Vera is collaborating with well known Michael Jackson collector Richard Fossaas who started collecting at the age of 5 in 1987 and has over 3500 pieces of Michael Jackson clothing, making Henry Vera the first latin music artist to wear a Michael Jackson’s clothing piece. Henry Vera wore and performed wearing Michael Jackson’s jacket that was worn in the music video “ Billy Jean”. Henry Vera is currently paying tribute to Michael Jackson with numerous interviews around the country, along with MJ collector Richard Fossaas.

This artist is poised to blow wit h a music presence that will firmly entrench himself into listeners ears.

Biographia En Espanol